What is Artmoney.org

Artmoney is original art with a fixed value, a fixed size and fixed game rules, made by “Artmoney artists” from the whole world. As an artmoney artist you can issue your own artmoney. You can sell your artmoney to collectors’ worldwide with a Bank account at no commission!
You can also announce exhibitions in the calendar, connect easily with other artmoney artists and take part in the many group exhibitions. Being an artmoney artist is being part of a global network of artists.
Be an artmoney artist – JOIN today
One year membership cost only DKK 99 (approx. 13,4 EUR)
Be an artmoney artist for Free – First week/One upload free membership

How to register as Artist

First you register from the front page link register.
Then you resive a mail with passwords change.
After that you can lock ind with your user name and password.
From the dashboard you can create your first Artmoney upload and change your profile info.
Artist First week/one upload Free - One year 99 DKK (approx. 13,4 EUR)Buy artmoney Yes
(exchange conventional currency to artmoney)Display artmoney collection Yes
(show off your artmoney to the world)Sell artmoney Yes
(sell artmoney you have bought/received to others)Create new artmoney Yes
(make and sell your own artmoney)Create new events Yes
(in the official artmoney event calendar)Receive special invitations (e.g. to exhibit at joint artmoney shows)

Make Artmoney (The 7 rules)

1. any artist can issue valid artmoney
2. artmoney must measure 12x18 cm (4 3/4 x 7 inch) and clearly state the year of production, serial number, land, artist name, signature and the web address: www.artmoney.orgc
3. artmoney must be original, hand made art. In case of photo, print, etc. it must be worked over by hand
4. artmoney holds a steady value of 200 DKK (approx. 27 EUR) it may be regulated with inflation
5. artmoney can be used as a currency world wide at anywhere that acceptance is found
6. the artmoney artist must accept artmoney as payment up to 50% by purchase of art from the artist. Anyone who accepts artmoney are free to refuse accepting them, if they don’t like them
7. artmoney is not to be exchanged back into regular money unless they are sold. Artmoney can not be sold for artmoney, unless an agreement to exchange artmoney is decided upon

You need Paypal to be an active Artmoney dealer. Paypal is your connection transfer payment online

Create a new Paypal account or log in to your Paypal profile account with our safe and ensure API key inserted "918317398adladhj91823179" on our encrypted end to end transfer.

User manual

first you have to sign up or log in through the link on the start pageJoin now - Register as an Artist
upload artmoney and fix your profile. Preview or Upload when finished (See pictures)

Here you can setup your profile and change password

Kea project

Here you can see all your uploaded Artmoney's

Kea project

Here you can upload your Artmoney

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